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We advise companies, individuals on buying and selling, raising capital and managing risks, which enables them to grow.

Our global partnerships enable us to better meet the strategic and financial needs of our customers in all regions and industries. Offering a wide range of products and consulting services, MINROGROUP INVESTMENTS CONSULTING is constantly improving our capabilities to provide our customers with world-class solutions and products.

We strive to be the leading trusted advisor to our clients, including individuals, corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, and boards of directors and special committees.

• We strive to provide world-class consulting and highest execution quality in the most complex transactions across investments and real estate products to help our clients grow.

• We focus on being a major service provider, which in turn enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals.

• We advise our clients on purchase, construction, investment, mergers and acquisitions on some of their key strategic decisions and transactions. MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT offers financing and consulting services.

• We regularly provide our clients and investors with clear and transparent information through high added value reports.

We provide financing and consulting services to clients in a wide range of real estate related industries. In addition to helping our clients raise capital for their projects, our experts also help you with mergers and acquisitions.





MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT markets high-quality and solid investment real estate and companies in good locations.


Rents with regular rental income are the means of choice to secure future returns.


Investment Assets
The MINROGROUP markets high-quality and solid investment properties in good locations, which have proven to be sustainable investment properties in times of crisis. Investments in stable investment real estate with regular rental income are the means of choice to secure future returns. We recommend sustainable investment properties.

The MINROGROUP brokers real estate throughout Turkey and guarantees an exclusive service. So you can quickly find your dream home, or sell your property in a timely manner. Are you interested in buying a house, villa, office or apartment that you have always dreamed of? Here you will be trusted by the creation of your dream, up to the key handover. We accompany you until you move into your new home. The MINROGROUP has a wide selection of exclusive properties throughout Turkey, including the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Antalya. The MINROGROUP team will help you realize your dream. We look forward to working with you to realize your plans and to find you a home in which you feel comfortable. Help our consultants to find the right property for you. By a detailed description of your thoughts, we can analyze better and offer you the right property. Tell us where your dream location is. Do you prefer to live by the sea, or rather in the city? Do you love the peace and discretion, or is it better if you have neighbors. Do you have children who go to school and want to live close to the city or in nature? All this will help us to succeed quickly. If you want to buy an apartment, house, office or villa, we will accompany and support you from the first day to the notary, Land Registry Office.

Property Types & Asset Classes:

5 to 7 star hotels,
Hotel real estate,
Hostel, apartment house, boarding house
Commercial real estate, investment real estate, office buildings
Residential complexes, multi-family houses, villas
Dormitory & dormitory
AVM, real estate, shopping malls
Commercial real estate, shopping center
Hardware store, garden center & garden center
Logistics real estate
Car Park Real Estate: Car Parks, Underground Car Parks & Parking
Solar parks & solar systems
Wind farms & wind turbines
Industrial plants, industrial real estate,
Industrial plots, mines, factories
Leisure Facilities Real Estate & Holiday Properties
Holiday park real estate, holiday resort
Marina, harbor & marina
Retirement Home & Nursing Home
Retirement Home & Senior Residence
Medical center, hospital, clinic


Interdisciplinary tax advice from a single source.                        


Businesses are on the move.                                                                            


Our experienced tax advisers work in countries and multidisciplinary teams with legal advisers, business consultants and accountants. We coordinate the services of all specialists working for you. With us you receive comprehensive advice and support from a single source.
• Companies are on the move. Investments, divestments, concentration on core competencies or diversification, conquest of new markets, competitive pressure, succession problems and business start-up boom are just some of the motives for selling or buying a company or investing in a company. Who wants to stay on the ball, needs a competent and comprehensive advice. We accompany sellers as well as buyers at home and abroad in the individual steps of a corresponding transaction. We have expertise in advising on the sale or purchase of companies, conducting mergers.
• For example, the project team consists of lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and, if necessary, a consultant. If the target company has activities abroad, foreign experts are called in to assist. A project manager who is also involved in technical matters is at your disposal as a central contact person; He coordinates the entire process, ensures the flow of information between all involved in the transaction process and ensures that the project is carried out without friction losses in a tight time frame and according to defined high quality criteria.
• In tax consultancy, the scope of the so-called "buy side" ranges from the tax structuring of the process to the comprehensive tax due diligence, the support of the contract negotiations regarding possible tax risks and, if necessary, the subsequent integration into the acquirer's structure for the purpose of tax optimization. From a tax point of view, issues such as the tax assertion of the purchase price and / or the financing costs, holding arrangements and the choice of legal form must be considered. Optimal tax structuring can significantly influence the profitability of the investment.
• We also accompany you in a company sale. The tax-optimized collection of the purchase price often requires a tax structuring of the process prior to the transaction. In addition, we assist the seller in negotiating with potential buyers and their advisors in the transaction process. We are your competent sparring partner for the tax-optimized implementation of a company sale or the design of a succession solution.


On your tax questions, we give you the answers! In order to be able to meet your demands for high quality advice.
• Avoidance of commercial property trading.
• Utilization of the extended trade tax reduction.
• Property transfer tax optimization.
• Tax-efficient portfolio streamlining and disposals.
• Preparing the transfer of assets to the next generation.
• If necessary, we can involve specialist lawyers for legal issues or foreign colleagues without any loss of efficiency in order to provide you with comprehensive advice. We are also well acquainted with the finer points of the tax declaration of a real estate company, so that we can also assist you with the declaration.
• Assessment of scope and consequences for current taxation.
• Checking the property of the shareholder or other group companies.
• Designing of shielding structures / separation of an asset managing area.
• Assessment of scope and consequences for current taxation.
• Group tax law.
• Company purchase and sale.
• Taxation of real estate transactions.
• Financing and structured finance.
• Taxation of private large assets.
• Company succession and estate planning.


• Ongoing legal and tax advice
• Declaration advice for investors.
• Private accounting.
• Creation of asset reports.
• Tax planning in private assets.


Real estate and financial law.                                                                                  


Our architects accompany you as the client from the planning through the construction management to the interior design.


Turkish real estate and financial law has been dominated in recent years, especially with regard to the acquisition of land by foreigners from numerous changes, some of which go back to the legislature, partly to the Constitutional Court.


Our architects stand for sophisticated and innovative exterior and interior architecture. They plan new buildings as well as renovations of any type of use, with a holistic approach and a high level of detail. Every construction project has the status of uniqueness in the planning approach.


Visa application with concierge service.                                      


Mediation of retirement and nursing places.                                 


Are you too busy for your visa application? Take advantage of the MINROGROUP concierge service. This represents the highest level of our active, customer-oriented services for Visa.
A MINROGROUP concierge service specialist takes care of your complete application process from beginning to end and ensures the fastest possible order processing with his expertise. Experience the benefits and security of Concierge Service, the highest level of our bespoke, customer-focused services.

• Dedicated concierge specialists. A very personal team dedicated to the complete execution of your order.
• Send us an e-mail to to start your service request. One of our specialists will contact you.
• Document preparation. Assistance in preparation and completion of all necessary documents.
• Digital photos, passport and visa scan. Save time by digitally submitting your photo. For your safety, we will store a digital copy of your visa and passport if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged.
• Priority for submission. If you choose the concierge service, your application will be treated as a top priority.
• Customized updates. We will notify you of any step of the application process with your preferred type of notification - telephone or email.
• Collection and return delivery included. Your specialist organizes the collection and return of your documents by a courier.

• Tourist visa, business visa, student visa, residence visa, work visa, research visa

Please note that for each applicant who chooses the concierge service, we charge an additional fee plus VAT for the first visa. For each additional visa a further fee of plus VAT is added. The fees are exclusive of all required consular, provider and MINROGROUP service fees.


• Support and placement of retirement and nursing home places.

Moving to Turkey brings many benefits and a decent and decent care.The treatment of age-related diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, stroke) is carried out by both a neurologist and a gerontologist. The people in need of care are looked after according to gender and individual resources and characteristics. The departments were aimed at people who are in need of care due to an age-related illness. To ensure a high quality of life for patients, only specialist staff are employed in the centers. The specialized staff offers crafts activities such as the production of ceramics, jewelry, galoshes and crocheting or artistic activities such as picture painting but also folklore, sports or the baking of pasta. Similarly, those in need of care receive information and instruction on the topic of hygiene and personal hygiene. There is also the possibility of a weekly participation in music and rhythm lessons accompanied by a guitar, or at various actions such as choral concerts. On the summer days, group trips such as a walk on the beach, swimming or picnicking are organized. Nursing homes and retirement homes work together with a private medical center employing specialists from any industry. Thus, the supply of any medical needs of patients is guaranteed. The emergency service is on duty around the clock. Regardless of age, the value and dignity of the human being take top priority. In addition to a friendly and cordial handling, it is important for the centers to enforce patient rights. The facilities, taking a respectful approach and responsible action for granted, it is placed on team spirit, and thus offers a harmonious life for sick, elderly or disabled people.


ATTRACTIVE REAL ESTATE TO BUY AND RENT -  In some cities, existing commercial space is being converted for purchase and rent. In many locations, prices for real estate are rising significantly and real estate agents are experiencing increased demand. Real estate in sought-after residential areas is particularly popular, and a house or apartment in a prime location is always in demand among investors as well as owner-occupiers. A healthy economic environment, an attractive location and a high quality of life increase the value of real estate for living enormously. Important criteria in the purchase of real estate is therefore not only the good location but also an excellent infrastructure that makes living in the region comfortable. Investors can expect stable investments when they buy a house or apartment in such a location.

CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE - Compared to other investments, investment in real estate currently offers the best prospects for high returns. The offers ideally select investors according to the location. Only if a good rentability is given, is the investment in real estate worthwhile, a vacancy reduces the return. Also, the purchase price may not be too high compared to the rent, so that the purchase of the property really makes sense.

REAL ESTATE TO BUY FOR OWN USERS - Real estate is also a good choice for owner-occupiers. The favorable interest rate level provides good conditions for the financing of real estate. Buying is an ideal alternative to renting, as owner-occupiers create wealth in this way. Many owner-occupiers build houses according to their ideas. Who decides to own a house or a condominium, protects himself against rising rents and provides with the property for the old age and the retirement. If the property is paid off at the latest at the beginning of retirement, the owner lives rent-free at the age. Basically, the decision to buy a property depends on the living situation. If the career and family planning is completed, a private house or a condo makes sense. However, if you plan to change your job in the foreseeable future and move to another city, your own apartment is not an alternative to renting a flat.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS SUPPORT THE HOUSE PURCHASE - MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT advises you on the selection of the right property. Our employees have comprehensive and detailed information about the real estate market and support with competence and expertise in buying or renting real estate. It is best to buy your house or apartment with MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENT.

Your Partner for Investments & Real Estate in Turkey



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