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Industrial Areas & Halls

MINROGROUP INVESTMENT CONSULTING is the Complete Provider of Investments and Real Estate in Turkey.

Industrial Real Estate and Land

MINROGROUP INVESTMENT CONSULTING We advise you on industrial real estate Investments & Purchase, whether as a private person or institutional investor, in the selection of suitable industrial space as an investment.

• With a nationwide presence in Turkey, our experts for industrial space will find the right industrial property for your investment. Our consultants are at your side for individual advice, access to exclusive industrial space and contract execution as an optimal partner.

• Benefit from our local market knowledge as well as our contacts to wealthy private investors and investors and pre-registered buyers. Our on-site installation experts can provide you with targeted recommendations for increasing the value of your industrial space based on detailed location and comparison object analyzes. Benefit from our diverse range of exclusive marketing measures: the best basis for using a targeted strategy to find the right buyer for your industrial area as quickly and discreetly as possible - and to achieve the best possible conditions for you.

• With an individual consultation by our plant experts, you have already taken the first step on your way to high-yield industrial space. After recording all relevant factors - from your asset planning to the expected return in the respective period up to the investment volume - we examine the overall market and our extensive industrial real estate portfolio in accordance with your specifications and goals. Our nationwide presence at all business-relevant locations and the local knowledge advantage of our experts will be particularly beneficial to you. Because the most interesting perspectives do not arise from the isolated object analysis, but only from the evaluation of the environment, the investment conditions and a reliable assessment of the performance potential. Of course, we are also in the course of bidding and contract management with words and deeds to the side, be it in the design of financing or on-site representation. This way, you are involved with every step and, at the same time, relieved as much as possible in order to benefit from attractive return opportunities without any detours.

Industrial Area and Halls



Your Partner in all matters Relating to Industrial Areas

Our consultancy looks at the entire lifecycle of industrial areas, from development through operation to recovery. Our services are divided into the core areas:

• Property search and location consulting

• Purchase, rental, sale industrial space

• Optimization of existing leases

• Project development consulting for industrial areas

• Support by our local experts

The service portfolio is aimed at all stakeholders of the special real estate industry: owners / investors and developers. Through the long-standing, jointly gained experience of the management and consulting team, we offer an individual, tailor-made and goal-oriented consulting approach with access to key decision-makers in the industry.

With a nationwide network in Turkey, our experts for industrial space find their optimal new location. In addition, beyond the leasing process, we offer solutions for optimizing current leases or helping with the planning and redesign of your industrial space.

• Whether you want to rent industrial space or are the owner of an industrial area: our consultant teams consider the local market conditions as well as the respective offer or search criteria. On the basis of a well-founded needs analysis, we develop a tailor-made concept and support you in the optimization of rental terms and contract terms.
More investment and real estate classes in Turkey on request! Investments in companies, real estate and more. Service and discretion are our top priority. In addition to the advice on your investment, we are also helpful in finding a high-performance financing.

• Sale of Industrial space
• Search for suitable Industrial Areas
• Sale of Industrial space to individual Investors or split
• Industrial Real Estate valuation and Market Price assessment
• Access to high net worth Private and Corporate clients
• Supervision by our facility Experts on Site



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