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Legal Risk Warning:
The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

General Questions

Crowdinvesting is composed of the English words crowd (crowd) and investing (invest). In crowdinvesting, many investors join together via a platform to jointly finance a project and generate a return on investment. In this way, you can also invest as a retail investor in large real estate projects, for which the minimum investment is usually around 500.000 Euros or Dollars and more.

Real estate crowdinvesting is one way for many to benefit from the real estate boom. It offers opportunities, but also involves risks, just like any other system. Crowdinvesting involves entrepreneurial participation - so you should never invest all your capital in this investment. Rather, crowdinvesting is suitable as an admixture for a broadly diversified investment portfolio.

Banks often no longer finance real estate projects completely, but often only 60 to 75 percent. The rest of the money needed must be otherwise funded by the project developer. More and more project developers are therefore using the opportunity to raise this capital through crowdfunding. As a result, the projects receive additional public attention, which is helpful in the marketing of real estate (for example, the sale of apartments).

As a company, it is always important to be continuously prepared for the future. Crowdinvesting broadens our investor base beyond the institutional sector. This is a key component of MINROGROUP CAPITAL's digitization strategy to ensure business growth for the future. We also see our opportunity to inspire new customers for the MINROGROUP brand and our entire product range.

Unlike other providers, private investors on our side can invest equally with MINROGROUP CAPITAL and institutional investors from our network. This gives you the opportunity to participate in very large projects. In addition, you benefit from the certainty that each project has been pre-analyzed with MINROGROUP CAPITAL's extensive project and real estate expertise - with as deep an analytical process as institutional investors demand.

To Invest Money

In principle, anyone who accepts the Terms of Use of MINROGROUP CAPITAL and the GTC, can invest money with MINROGROUP CAPITAL. Investing in real estate and project crowdinvesting, however, does not make sense for purely security-oriented investors, since this type of investment is an opportunity-oriented investment which, while correspondingly entails a higher return but also an increased risk.

Before anyone puts their money into crowdfunding, he should be very well informed about this type of investment and the projects in which he wants to invest. But many small investors shy away from this effort and take risks so ignorantly. Anyone who becomes a crowd investor must realize that he usually enters into an entrepreneurial investment - with all opportunities, but also all risks, even total loss. This is neither good nor bad per se - but only those who are informed, can decide wisely, whether a particular investment for him in question.

As a private investor, you can invest in every single project from the MINROGROUP CAPITAL from 150 Euros or USD into the project. Corporations, companies can invest in projects from 5,000 Euros or USD. A maximum amount does not exist here. To diversify risk, we recommend that all investor groups distribute their crowdfunding capital across multiple projects.

No. While the interest payments i.d.R. quarterly during the term, the invested amount will be paid out only at maturity. The term is usually between twelve months and five years. You should therefore only invest a sum of money with us which you do not need during the respective project period.

They invest in a subordinated loan, providing a project developer with mezzanine capital for real estate financing. So you spend your money - along with the other crowd investors and institutional investors - for condominiums or other projects. You will receive interest that will be paid to you on a scheduled project basis quarterly. At the end of the term, you will receive back the capital you invested (bullet loan). In the event of bankruptcy, lenders of subordinated loans are serviced only after the senior lenders (such as banks). As compensation, you receive a higher interest rate as a subordinated investor for the same project.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract - the revocation must be in writing and is possible by e-mail, fax or letter.

Expiration of the investment

After you have given us your desired investment sum in the online form and have accepted the corresponding contract (which you receive by e-mail from us), you have three options for paying your bid:

• You can then make an online transfer.
• You can transfer the amount to the specified bank account independently of us.

Your transfer must be received no later than five banking days after the conclusion of the contract on the payment account specified in the contract documents.

The data can be found at a "Payment Information" in your loan agreement.

All investors - including those who have invested on the last day of the campaign - are entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal. Only 14 days after the end of the campaign, it is clear how exactly the financing structure is composed. In order to process a potential revocation on the last possible day and to prepare the payout, two days of processing time will follow. The developer can not withdraw his loan from the payment account until 16 days after the end of the campaign.

Regardless, the term of your investment starts from the day the amount arrives on our Trustee's payment account. You will also receive interest from us immediately. The interest for the individual period between receipt of funds and project start is shown separately and paid out at the same time as the first regular interest rate. Interest rates are generally paid on a quarterly basis as at 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.

We arrange term loans. This means that you get your investment back at the end of the term. The interest payments are made i.d.R. quarterly during the term.


The payments will be handled by a trustee. Depending on the project, collateral such as subordinated land charges and guarantees may be possible.

Please refer to the respective project page and the documentation provided for each project (e.g., Loan Agreement and Preliminary Consumer Information) for the exact scope and operation of each collateral.

In addition, to limit the risks, we always carry out a very comprehensive risk analysis and only include projects on our platform that we ourselves are so confident that we are involved in.

You invest in a so-called subordinated loan. A subordinate loan is in its basic structure a loan that is serviced last in the event of insolvency. This means that in such a case, you will have to wait until all your senior claims have been settled before getting back the loan amount and any interest you may have. This is only possible if there are still enough assets available. In the worst case, there is the risk of a total loss of the capital invested. This risk for you as an investor is compensated by the expected higher interest rates. You decide for yourself whether a project suits you and your risk profile.

If the completion of the project is delayed, your claim to repayment of the loan amount including the interest remains. You may receive your capital back later than initially scheduled, but later if necessary.

The contracts with the respective project developers will continue to be valid and are valid even without the existence of MINROGROUP CAPITAL. Thus, repayment of your loan and interest is not compromised. Additional security is provided by the fact that payment processing through trust accounts is independent of MINROGROUP CONSULTING INVESTMENTS.

The MRG is responsible for capital transactions and manages the capital as a trustee. The MRG - C.I. Only transfer the capital to the promoter if the contractually agreed conditions for the payment have been met by the promoter. The repayment is made in the same way: the promoter transfers the capital to the trustee MRG - C.I, from where it is then distributed to the investors.

With your subordinated loan you have no direct say, as you have, for example, as a shareholder at the general meeting of a stock corporation. Conversely, after the capital has been made available, you have no further obligations. In particular, there is no margin requirement for you.

We guarantee you a discreet handling of your personal data. All transactions and data transmissions are subject to the highest security standards. Data transmissions are always encrypted and therefore can not be viewed by third parties. You invest anonymously because we do not publish your data.

Yield & Fees

No, investments and crowdinvesting are basically free, both for private investors and for institutional investors. Your investment thus flows 100% into the project or real estate project you have selected.

You get a return between 4.00 and 8,75% p.a. depending on the Project.

We arrange term loans. This means that you get your investment back at the end of the term. The interest payments are generally made at the end of each quarter (ie end of March, end of June, end of September, end of December).

The term of your investment begins on the day the amount is credited to our Trustee's payment account. The return / interest payments start from project commissioning or after rental.

Be sure to let us know about any changes to your contact information or bank account details to ensure a smooth repayment process.

These interest from our crowd investment projects will be distributed in full to investors without any deduction. Neither MINROGROUP CAPITAL, nor the issuers or any other party mitigate these in any way. The interest from our loans is basically income from capital assets, insofar as the investment results from the private tax assets. The income is usually subject to taxation according to your individual tax situation. The interest income must therefore be declared in your personal income statement. It is advisable to observe and exhaust allowances.

MINROGROUP CAPITAL does not pay any capital gains tax for you. However, at the end of the first quarter of each year, we provide you with an overview of your prior-year earnings that you can use to file your tax return. We will send you these by mail.

If you have any further questions regarding withholding tax, we recommend that you contact a tax accountant as we are not allowed by law to provide tax advice. 

In order for MINROGROUP CAPITAL to be able to pay for the costs of customer service, marketing measures and transaction costs, etc., MINROGROUP CAPITAL receives compensation from the respective project developer.

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